Sarah DaSilva

After graduating with Honors holding two associate’s degrees in Graphic Design and Web Design, I began my career as a production graphic artist and digitizer while freelancing as a web designer. I began building WordPress sites and offering freelance services to small businesses while my husband and I started our family.

In 2019, I relocated to Virginia where I decided to go back to school and finally finish my degree, a goal I had set for myself when I graduated community college in 2008. I began pursuing my BFA in Advertising & Branding with Savannah College of Art & Design in summer 2020 with plans to graduate in summer 2022. I hope to find a full time position as an in-house visual or production artist and eventually leading my own team as an Art Director.

In addition to being a kick ass visual designer; I am also a military wife and a homeschooler of my two children, an artist of many mediums (mostly yarn these days), and an occasional vanquisher of evil on various gaming platforms.