For a class final project, I was assigned creation of an ad campaign for a hospital care center. I chose VCU’s Labor & Delivery department as my care center. I also had to develop my target audience, which I defined as: pregnant persons in the greater Richmond area with other children and/or large or non-traditional families; including families having babies by surrogate, multiple birthing partners or coaches, or birthing persons desiring to having additional family present during the birth. The concept was to convey the family-friendly atmosphere provided by VCU which distinguishes them from other labor and delivery departments which focus only on the mother and baby and not on the family unit itself or a non-traditional family. For the assignment, I designed a print magazine ad, two OOH ads (a mall vertical display and highway billboard), and created a concept for a series of IGTV minisodes called “VCU Family Birth Stories.” In addition to creating the visuals, I wrote the headlines and body copy.

VCU Labor & Delivery Print ad concept mockup
Print ad mockup
VCU Labor & Delivery mall vertical concept mockup
Mall vertical concept mockup
VCU Labor & Delivery Instagram story concept mockup
Instagram story concept mockup
VCU Labor & Delivery billboard concept mockup
Billboard concept mockup
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